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Choose Cardboard Floor Display to Enhance the Beauty of Your Place


Do you feel troublesome that there are always disorders in front of you? No matter they are toys, bottles, shoes, cosmetics and so on in the normal household, or more goods in the supermarkets, you want them to be in good orders and they can give the sense of clean, comfortable and charming. Especially for the sales promotion in the mall or supermarket, goods should be highlighted to attract the eyes of the customers. How to make it? You should choose Cardboard Floor Display to solve all these problems.


Why choose Cardboard Floor Display instead the other materials? There are some good reasons you should know.

  1. Lower cost

Compared the other materials, for example wood or metal, the cost of Cardboard Floor Display is much cheaper, and what is more, it is 100% recyclable.

  1. Flexible Shapes

Cardboard Floor Display can be shaped to resemble practically anything, you can choose to design the size, color or style, so it is more innovative than ever to hold anything you want to. Of course, this character also provides the convenience that it can be easy to assemble and transport.

  1. Highlight Function

Cardboard Floor Display is usually made to be pretty and attractive. And the function of it is to put things in a nice order. Usually if something is tidy with bright color, you can’t move your eyes from it. So it is widely used to promote all kinds of products and brand in a highly visible way.


I DISPLAY, started in 1988, as a leading manufacturer and designer of cardboard display shelf in China, we make the best quality of Cardboard Floor Display for you. They are made up from cardboard yet they will last for a long time. Our products are eco-friendly products. There are various types and sizes available and you can pick from the huge series. We also support special made to fulfill all your storage or innovation needs. If you want to know more information about our Cardboard Floor Display, you can visit www.szidisplay.com








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